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2023 Design Trends for Modern Bathrooms

2023 Design Trends for Modern Bathrooms

Popular Remodeling Trends for Your 2023 Home

As time goes by, your home can become outdated or worn down. It might be just one room or your whole house, but it’s common to want a remodel or upgrade. When that time comes, it’s important to work with a professional like TMAK Restoration.

Not only are we experienced in many types of remodeling, but we’re familiar with the biggest trends of the year so far. It could be that you just want a bathroom remodeling after having to settle, or you want more use out of your kitchen space. Let us know your ideas when you call us today!

Bring Nature into Your Design

It’s no surprise that a trend that’s remained popular for years is still up recurring, but natural aesthetics are common in 2023. If you decorated your home with living plants or floral furniture in the last few years, you’re still up-to-date with what’s popular.

Either way, though, you can add to it with the inspired soft tones of green and blue that are trending. These relaxing colors can add a welcoming environment to your home, which makes them perfect for kitchen remodeling.

Blue and green hues, even if you choose different saturations of the same color, can provide many results for your needs. Nature-related furniture is common to fill your home with, like an oak table or living plants.

Even putting flowers on your kitchen island or a wicker basket for fruit can increase the appeal of this 2023 trend. Other ideas for natural furniture are tables made of live-edge or tree stumps. Tell us what you want, or let our design experts run free, when you call us today!

Have a Flair for the Dramatic

How you style each room and design the overall aesthetic of your home can say a lot about you, so this trend is to make a statement. Shades of monochrome can set a certain mood while maximizing a single color.

Utilizing color schemes is a great method to personalize your dramatic look. If you match your wallpaper’s color with the rest of your kitchen remodeling in Mayfield Heights, OH, you can make a bigger impact. 

This is a modern concept, but it works very well. One popular example is to pair dark greens together with your wallpaper and furnishings to bring out both. It works in every area of your home to improve the visual effects.

Dark green can also go with the natural colors mentioned earlier if you want to combine trends. With that said, the gothic aesthetic has been making a comeback, too. Black makes a bold statement in your decorations and wallpaper for the monochrome theme. No matter how you make your home dramatic, give us a call today to get started!

Bringing Art Deco Back

When you think of a vintage look in your home, the 2023 trend to bring back the roaring ‘20’s is usually one that comes to mind. The period of social parties and specific themes has been very popular with remodeling lately.

One of the central concepts with art deco is to make room for gatherings. Whether you want a lot of people around your dining table or you want multiple areas to congregate, that’s a core theme of this trend.

If you’re planning on bathroom remodeling in Willoughby Hills, OH, our experts might suggest a powder bath. This is a great addition to combine practical use with creativity. Take a trip through trending history by reaching out to us today!

Textured Countertops are so Fetch

That term may never be popular, but choosing textures to bring attention to your countertops is. Since multiple rooms in your home have counters, this trend gives you a lot of space to make a statement. Textured countertops can also pair nicely with other fixtures or furnishings.

Common materials for your countertops are leathered granite and soapstone. Both of these options offer an earthy visual that goes great with lighter cabinet refinishing. As with most color schemes, contrasting shades and textures can work perfectly for your home.

The Importance of Trim

Trim is often underused or overlooked, but it’s a versatile trend in 2023. Our designers can use different shapes and colors of trim to maximize your kitchen remodeling or other areas of your home. We can also use trim to make the interior look polished or add architectural style.

Chair rail molding can separate the bottom and top sections of a wall to give the illusion of depth or hide any imperfections. Trim is also great to keep your surfaces safe from minor wear, like scuff marks or scratches. This is perfect for furniture, windows, doors, and baseboards. Some of the most common types of trim are:

  • Crown molding
  • Window casings
  • Baseboards
  • Chair rails
  • Integrated or built-in shelves

When you hire us, we can use trim in many different ways. Whether it’s covering up imperfections, adding details, or complementing the rest of a room, we’ll make sure you enjoy this 2023 trend with current installation techniques, so call us now!

The Versatility of Color Schemes

The colorful trends in 2023 have shifted from minimalism to splashes of vibrancy. Unique wallpaper and decor bring in several benefits for your kitchen remodeling in Chesterland, OH. These colors can give a modern look to your home and our team can suggest the best way to balance them.

Not only can fun colors breathe life into each room, but they can shift the atmosphere in your house. Light greens and blues are relaxing, but you can also choose yellows and oranges to help give you a boost in the morning.

Soft pastels, like eucalyptus or York, can give your home a calming effect. Remember that different colors and combinations can also affect your curb appeal for a resale in the future, so let our professionals help when you call us today!

Thrifting Furniture for 2023

The upcycling trend is rooted in the idea of bringing heirlooms into your home and being surrounded by memories or talking pieces. This popular trend in 2023 is about reconnecting with the past as opposed to grandiose decorations. Give your kitchen remodeling a piece of history by getting your dining table from a thrift store.

Just because you thrift furniture doesn’t mean you can’t have the look you want. You might use refinishing or stripping to make the most of your thrift haul. Even a lacquer by our designers can be better than investing in new furniture. You can save while enjoying history in your home, so call TMAK Restoration today for our expertise!

Lighting is Everything

Lighting is extremely practical and versatile, but a lot of homeowners don’t think about its uses in a remodel. You can use lighting for improved security, highlighting parts of your home, or getting more use from your property. 

A prime example is task lighting, which can serve many purposes. Using lighting under a cabinet can lessen eye strain and increase productivity. If you use it in your kitchen remodeling in Shaker Heights, OH, it can help with more precise cutting.

For your bathroom, vanity lighting is perfect for putting on makeup or trimming your beard. Another common use is mood lighting to create an atmosphere. This can be done with dimming your lights or versatile brightness levels. 

If you want to save on energy costs while getting the most out of your lights, you might like LEDs. These can change colors for more options, too. No matter what you’re looking for, we know lighting to make it happen.

We’ll strategically position light fixtures throughout your home to accentuate architectural features. To make you feel more secure at home, we can light up darker areas inside or use security lights outside.

These can light up the driveway with motion sensors or make it easier to see in your garden. Security lighting can deter criminals and protect you from injury in the dark. If you don’t like to get up to change the lights, the remote option of smart lighting might be worth your while. Get the right lighting for your home when you contact us today!

Stay Organized and Well-”Rounded”

Organization was popular over the last few years and history repeats so far in 2023. Tidy drawers and organized storage is common with kitchen remodeling in Bedford Heights, OH. Closing shelves can aid in that venture. Organization in the home can promote a stress-free living.

Another concept that a lot of homeowners are making use of is rounded or curved furniture. Whether you need cabinets, countertops, or tables, our experts can help you choose moon-shaped or curved pieces.

Don’t be afraid to get creative by mixing trends, because you can pick a soapwood table with rounded edges. To get our suggestions and bring out the most in your home with trends, give us a call now!

Keep Your Eyes Out for These Trends

One of the best ways to keep up with trends is to know what to look for next. There are a lot of popular trends in 2023 that combine practical use with aesthetics. Our team at TMAK Restoration keeps track of shifting trends to find patterns and clues.

Minimalism was really popular for a few years, but it’s given way to the illusion of depth in your kitchen remodeling in Lyndhurst, OH. Adding dimensions to your home is much more interesting recently, with textures like stone or tile being embraced.

People don’t seem to want the neutrality of white or gray as much when they can choose vibrant, fun colors or the bold statement of gothic influence. Watch for monochrome and soft pastels to continue. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your remodeling, contact TMAK Restoration today and schedule an appointment!

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