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New Kitchen Remodeling in Cleveland, OH

Most homeowners spend a lot of time in the kitchen, from cooking to washing dishes. Whether you want a new space or need more room to cook with family, we’re here for you!

Our team will work with you to give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted. We’ve got the know-how and experience to make that happen.

You’ll be involved in every step of the process, from choosing the theme and trend to the materials and style. Our designers will recommend the best for your needs.

TMAK Restorations will handle everything ourselves, so you can trust us. Give us a call today at 216-287-0877 and schedule your free estimate!

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We Offer the Following Home Remodeling Services in Cleveland, OH

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Reasons for a Kitchen Remodeling in Cleveland, OH

We’ll start out by getting to know you better, because we want to design the perfect kitchen for you. The more we know, the better options we’ll be able to suggest to meet your needs. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some questions we might ask:

  1. Will you be the only one using your kitchen?
  2. What do you want out of your kitchen remodeling in Cleveland, OH?
  3. What are you planning to do with your new kitchen?

Those are just a few of the things we might want to know. Our experts and designers can help more when you tell us what you want, so feel free to tell us what we can do for you. We believe in staying transparent with the remodeling, so call us at 216-287-0877 when you want to get the most out of the project!


Kitchen Remodels Gallery

Trending Kitchen Remodeling in Cleveland, OH

One of the best things about hiring a professional is that we keep up with trends. Some themes go out of style while others can make a comeback years later, but we can help. We want you to know how qualified our team of experts is with kitchen remodeling in Cleveland, OH, so here a some of the most-popular ones:

  1. The concept of minimalism has taken the world by storm, and remodeling is no stranger. By opting for simple furnishings and appliances, you can get more out of your space. We know how to use basic, earthy color schemes like stone or bronze to make your kitchen more inviting.
  2. Speaking of that, you might want a way to stay involved with conversations while you’re cooking. An open concept takes away walls and keeps you part of every gathering. It also gives your kitchen more depth, which is always a positive. By using an open kitchen, you’ll never have to leave the room to check on your food.
  3. Whether it’s to tie your living room into the kitchen or to create a focal point, a kitchen island can be a great addition. You can choose something complex with a built-in sink or go with something simple. Either way, an island can add seating and counter space for food. It’s a fun place to play cards around or be whatever you need it for.

You’ve got nothing to lose with a free inspection and estimate, so what are you waiting for? If you want to update or upgrade your kitchen, call us today at 216-287-0877 and schedule your free inspection and estimate! Our team of experts will work with you to give you the kitchen of your dreams!

Trending Kitchen Remodeling in Cleveland, OH

Transform Your Kitchen with TMAK Restoration, the Premier Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Cleveland, OH

At TMAK Restoration, we take pride in our legacy of over 20 years of excellence in home remodeling, with a keen focus on kitchen and bathroom renovations. Our journey began with a passion for breathing new life into homes, leading us to specialize in the spaces we love to transform the most: kitchens and bathrooms. Our dedication to excellence and craftsmanship has not only earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau but also the trust and satisfaction of our clients in Cleveland, OH. We invite you to explore our customer reviews and see why choosing TMAK Restoration as your kitchen remodeling contractor in Cleveland, OH, is a decision you can feel confident about.

Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling Services

Kitchen Design

Custom Kitchen Design Services: Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and our custom design services ensure it reflects your unique style and meets your functional needs. Our experienced designers work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

3D Kitchen Design Modeling: With our 3D design modeling, you can visualize your new kitchen before any work begins. This advanced technology allows for adjustments and refinements to ensure the final result is exactly what you envisioned.

Cabinet and Countertop Selection: Choosing the right cabinets and countertops is crucial for your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality. We guide you through a wide selection of materials and styles, ensuring you find the perfect match for your taste and budget.

Appliance Recommendations: The right appliances can enhance your kitchen’s functionality and appearance. Our team recommends the best appliances that blend form with function, tailored to your cooking needs and space.

Kitchen Renovation

Full Kitchen Renovation Services: As the leading kitchen remodeling contractor in Cleveland, OH, we offer comprehensive renovation services. From the initial design to the final touches, we manage every aspect of your project with precision and care.

Demolition and Disposal: Our team handles the demolition and disposal of your existing kitchen components efficiently and safely, preparing your space for its transformation.

Flooring and Tiling: We provide a vast selection of high-quality flooring and tiling options. Whether you’re looking for durability, style, or both, we have the materials and expertise to meet your needs.

Lighting and Electrical Work: Modernize your kitchen with our lighting and electrical upgrades. From task lighting to ambient fixtures, we ensure your kitchen is both functional and inviting.

Choosing TMAK Restoration as your kitchen remodeling contractor in Cleveland, OH, means partnering with a team that values quality, precision, and customer satisfaction above all. Our goal is to create a kitchen that you and your family will love for years to come. Contact us today to begin your kitchen transformation journey.

Backsplash Installation

A well-chosen backsplash not only protects your walls from spills and splatters but also serves as a centerpiece of your kitchen’s aesthetic. At TMAK Restoration, we provide an extensive range of backsplash options to complement your kitchen’s design perfectly. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of tile, the modern sheen of glass, or the natural beauty of stone, our expert team will guide you through the selection process.

  • Tile, Glass, and Stone Backsplash Options: Discover the vast array of materials and designs available for your kitchen backsplash. From intricate patterns to sleek, minimalist designs, we have the perfect option to enhance your kitchen’s look.

  • Design and Pattern Ideas: Not sure where to start? Our design team is here to inspire you with creative and functional backsplash ideas that can transform the look of your kitchen.

  • Grout and Sealing Information: To ensure the longevity and ease of maintenance of your backsplash, we provide professional advice on grout selection and sealing techniques.

Appliance Installation

The right appliances can transform your kitchen from merely functional to a joy to use. TMAK Restoration collaborates with leading manufacturers to bring you a selection of high-quality, energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Our installation services ensure your new appliances are set up for optimal performance, integrating seamlessly into your kitchen design.

  • Installation of Kitchen Appliances: Our skilled technicians handle the installation of all types of kitchen appliances, ensuring they are perfectly fitted and fully functional.

  • Brands and Models Recommended: We help you navigate the vast array of appliance options, recommending brands and models that match your lifestyle, design preferences, and budget.

  • Energy-Efficient Options: In our commitment to sustainability and cost savings, we advise on the most energy-efficient appliances, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and utility bills.


Choosing TMAK Restoration as your kitchen remodeling contractor in Cleveland, OH, is more than just a decision to renovate your kitchen; it’s a choice to enhance your daily living experience. Our dedicated team, with over 20 years of experience, is passionate about transforming your kitchen into a space that reflects your personal style, meets your functional needs, and stands the test of time in both quality and design.

As we conclude, we invite you to take the next step towards your dream kitchen. Whether you’re contemplating a full kitchen remodel, considering updating your cabinets or countertops, or simply looking to refresh your kitchen’s backsplash or appliances, TMAK Restoration is here to bring your vision to life. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our deep understanding of the unique needs of homeowners in Cleveland, OH, makes us your ideal partner in kitchen remodeling.

Don’t wait to create the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today to discuss your kitchen remodeling project. With TMAK Restoration, your vision, our expertise—you’re just steps away from transforming your kitchen into the heart of your home. Let us be your guide on this exciting journey, ensuring your kitchen not only meets but exceeds your expectations, becoming a space where memories are made for years to come.

In choosing TMAK Restoration, the leading kitchen remodeling contractor in Cleveland, OH, you’re choosing a partner committed to bringing your dream kitchen to life with precision, care, and unmatched expertise.

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Remodel a Kitchen

They did a total remodel on my kitchen.  What a outstanding job they did.  Mike did everything he promised and the wife was beyond happy.  Would highly recommend TMAK. Thanks, Mike.

–  Bennie J.  Bedford, OH

Remodel a Bathroom

Mike and his team did a fabulous job on my bathroom…I had never done a remodeling project and was nervous. He took the time to explain everything. The demo went well and I LOVE my new bathroom!!! Very polite, courteous, respectful and a pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend them to anybody who needs a home improvement work I will be using them for future projects.

–  Lena N.  Euclid, OH

Home Remodeling Services

The first word that comes to mind in describing the demolition and renovation done by TMAK Restoration, LLC is Extraordinary!  The craftmanship is nothing more than impressive!  We had our bathroom and kitchen remodeled down to the studs. Our bathroom required a bathtub and floor removal, new walls, painting and a new stack.  TMAK Restoration installed a new floor, walk-in shower with nooks, new commode, new vanity, all new hardware, ceiling lights and a bonus bathroom light with Bluetooth connectivity! Impressive is the best word used to describe our kitchen! Not only our family and friends are impressed, also the countertop installers, appliance delivery men also made comments on how beautiful and updated the kitchen looks! TMAK Restoration painted, installed cabinets, crown molding, fixed the plumbing and installed an over the range hood and recessed lighting . This all blended seamlessly with the stainless-steel appliances. As far as professionalism and cleanliness, Nick and Mike was consistently on time every morning. They arrived about 9:30 and stayed until 5:30 with some extra work hours put in. They did an excellent job in cleaning up, taking out the demolition materials and putting their tools away. (This is very reassuring as your home is going through a transition). Mike always asked, how we were feeling during the renovation and if there was anything he could to add to the design of the bathroom or kitchen. He truly lives by his motto in trying to give the best customer experience. Personally, I am not easily impressed, but I must admit Mike and Nick are an impressive team!

– Tracy R.  Cleveland, OH

Remodel a Kitchen

Amazing to work with from start to finish. They kept me informed on every aspect of their work step by step. Every worker from the flooring to the HVAC was the best craftsmanship and professionalism I’ve ever dealt with.  I would recommend Mike to anyone hands down top notch all the way.  Mike will be the guy who I will deal with all the time for all my projects.

–  Dominic R.  Willowick, OH

Remodel a Bathroom

Mike and his team were polite, courteous and a pleasure to work with!  I would recommend them very highly to anybody who needs a home improvement work.  I will be using them again in the future thank you again, Mike.  We really appreciate the great job!

–  Alan V.  Cleveland Heights, OH

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