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Cabinet Refinishing in Parma, OH

Quality Cabinet Refinishing in Parma, OH

Everything needs to be spruced up a bit after time, and your cabinets are no exception! Our team at TMAK Restorations can get you the results you’ve dreamed of!

Trying to refinish your cabinets yourself can be expensive, frustrating, and difficult. Our team of professionals have the expertise and knowledge to make the process quick and simple, and you can trust that we will get it done right the first time!

Whether you want things touched up, or just want a whole new look, you can’t go wrong choosing TMAK Restorations. If you’re ready for your cabinet refinishing in Parma, OH, give us a call today at (216) 287-0877!

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Beautiful Cabinet Refinishing in Parma, OH

Do you dream about remodeling the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom? Have you always wanted them to look a certain way, but weren’t sure how to get it done? A professional is your best bet for quality results. Have you always wanted to get a new look for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Maybe you have a design in mind, or maybe all you know is that you just want something new.

Either way, our team of experts at TMAK Restorations are here for your cabinet refinishing needs! We also offer resurfacing, however that’s a more extensive process, but one we are happy to do! Our refinishing process begins when our experts sand and strip worn colors from your cabinets.

We will then formulate the best design choices and colors to bring out the beautiful features of your home. Once you choose the design you love, we will work quickly to get the project done! One of the reasons our team of professionals can work quickly while maintaining quality is because of our experience in the business.

We know exactly what needs to be done, and when, to make the process go as smoothly as possible so we don’t interrupt your home longer than we have to. Resurfacing is a more involved process that includes adding a layer of veneer, paint, and laminate to your cabinets to give them a fresh look.

Whether you choose our service of refinishing or resurfacing, we can guarantee your cabinets will be transformed. Our team is ready to work with you to get you the kitchen or bathroom that you have envisioned. If you’re ready for your cabinets to look new again, call us today at (216) 287-0877!

We Can Do Your Cabinet Refinishing in Parma, OH

A common issue that can occur with aged cabinets, or if the inside of your home has been exposed to moisture, is warping. When your cabinets warp, they may not work as well as they used to. They may not sit flush against the walls, or the drawers or doors may not close completely shut. If this is the case, you may want to consider a full cabinet replacement.

Even in the case of a replacement, TMAK Restoration is here to guarantee your cabinets look exactly like you want them to look. We even provide refinishing services for brand new cabinets. You could pick a cost-effective replacement and then work with us to choose the exact color and design that you’ve always wanted.

TMAK Restoration offers a number of different services to ensure that we can help you with your remodel. Get the kitchen or bathroom you deserve today! If you’re dreaming of cabinet refinishing in Parma, OH, give us a call at (216) 287-0877!

Cabinet Refinishing in Willoughby Hills OH

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Remodel a Kitchen

They did a total remodel on my kitchen.  What a outstanding job they did.  Mike did everything he promised and the wife was beyond happy.  Would highly recommend TMAK. Thanks, Mike.

–  Bennie J.  Bedford, OH

Remodel a Bathroom

Mike and his team did a fabulous job on my bathroom…I had never done a remodeling project and was nervous. He took the time to explain everything. The demo went well and I LOVE my new bathroom!!! Very polite, courteous, respectful and a pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend them to anybody who needs a home improvement work I will be using them for future projects.

–  Lena N.  Euclid, OH

Home Remodeling Services

The first word that comes to mind in describing the demolition and renovation done by TMAK Restoration, LLC is Extraordinary!  The craftmanship is nothing more than impressive!  We had our bathroom and kitchen remodeled down to the studs. Our bathroom required a bathtub and floor removal, new walls, painting and a new stack.  TMAK Restoration installed a new floor, walk-in shower with nooks, new commode, new vanity, all new hardware, ceiling lights and a bonus bathroom light with Bluetooth connectivity! Impressive is the best word used to describe our kitchen! Not only our family and friends are impressed, also the countertop installers, appliance delivery men also made comments on how beautiful and updated the kitchen looks! TMAK Restoration painted, installed cabinets, crown molding, fixed the plumbing and installed an over the range hood and recessed lighting . This all blended seamlessly with the stainless-steel appliances. As far as professionalism and cleanliness, Nick and Mike was consistently on time every morning. They arrived about 9:30 and stayed until 5:30 with some extra work hours put in. They did an excellent job in cleaning up, taking out the demolition materials and putting their tools away. (This is very reassuring as your home is going through a transition). Mike always asked, how we were feeling during the renovation and if there was anything he could to add to the design of the bathroom or kitchen. He truly lives by his motto in trying to give the best customer experience. Personally, I am not easily impressed, but I must admit Mike and Nick are an impressive team!

– Tracy R.  Cleveland, OH

Remodel a Kitchen

Amazing to work with from start to finish. They kept me informed on every aspect of their work step by step. Every worker from the flooring to the HVAC was the best craftsmanship and professionalism I’ve ever dealt with.  I would recommend Mike to anyone hands down top notch all the way.  Mike will be the guy who I will deal with all the time for all my projects.

–  Dominic R.  Willowick, OH

Remodel a Bathroom

Mike and his team were polite, courteous and a pleasure to work with!  I would recommend them very highly to anybody who needs a home improvement work.  I will be using them again in the future thank you again, Mike.  We really appreciate the great job!

–  Alan V.  Cleveland Heights, OH

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